Auman GTL high-end trucks are produced by Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd and meet international standards. Auman GTL trucks are recommended for long-distance logistics and transportation. Trucks have a simplified-yet-modern exterior, feature an advanced safety system, and are fuel efficient and comfortable. Auman GTL trucks are among Foton's most immensely popular, best-selling line of heavy-duty trucks. GTL trucks are powered by Cummins ISG or Weichai engines.



Beginning in 2014, Cummins ISG series engines are made in the Foton Cummins factory. ISG engines are the result of a joint cooperation between American Cummins, Foton Cummins and Foton’s third-party partners. Engines come in 11-Liter and 12-Liter versions (350 hp to 490 hp) and emissions standards can reach Euro-VI. Below are the technical highlights of ISG-powered vehicles.

·  Light-weight modularized design reduces parts and simplifies maintenance

·  iBrake braking technology ensures safety
·  Innovative cooling and lubricating system reduces energy consumption, prolongs vehicle life
·  High-pressure fuel injection system improves power, lowers fuel consumption
·  Patented filtration makes it possible to change oil every 100,000km

·  LBSC improves work efficiency
·  Accurate remote diagnostics and advanced warning system

·  Leading emission technologies for stricter emission requirements

Auman GTL trucks are equipped with Cummins ISMe series 11-Liter engines (308-440 hp), which perform at a lower RPM and with high torque. ISM engines operate smoothly and have great climbing performance. Engines feature an electronically controlled, high-pressure fuel injection system in a single-cylinder, four-valve system. Under high-pressure, diesel fuel in the single-cylinder is precisely sprayed due to its high-performance atomizer. As a result, full fuel combustion is achieved. Engines also feature an electronically controlled silicon oil fan, which can further reduce fuel consumption by 2-3%. Completely meets Euro-III to Euro-IV emissions standards.

10-Liter to 12-Liter engines. Engine displacement is greater than that of similar products. Weichai engines are designed to meet demanding highway truck work situations, with a power output of 336-380 horsepower. Torque ranges from 1500/(1200-1500) to 1800/(1000-1400) Nm/RPM. Weichai engines feature high-pressure, electronically controlled fuel injection made specifically for large displacement engines. The engine structure is simplified and has fewer parts for lower maintenance costs. Completely meets Euro-III, or above emissions standards.

Exterior and interior

Cab can be tilted to a wider angle of 70 degrees, greatlysimplifying maintenance.


Redesigned cab steps make it easier to get in and out.
Side mirrors provide a broad view with no blind spots.

Sedan-inspired interior, comfortable design, spacious, wrap-around dash.

Pneumatic adjustable steering wheel column with Multifunction steering wheel is ergonomic and supports drivers of different heights and mass.
Driver’s air suspension seat is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue.

Power windows, central locks, power heated side-view mirrors and cruise control comes as standard equipment.


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