MEDIUM DUTY TRUCKSETX Medium-Duty Flatbed Trucks


ETX medium-duty flatbed trucks are versatile, designed for both short-distance workloads and long-distance hauls is designed for short distance or longer transportation. Because the wheelbase comes in several options, ETX medium-duty flatbed trucks can be easily modified into a range of special purpose vehicles. ETX medium-duty flatbed trucks are powered by Cummins ISF, Cummins ISDe or Wechai engines.

ETX:Powered By Cummins
ETX:Powered By LOVOL Engines




ETX medium-duty flatbed trucks are equipped with Cummins ISF 3.8 four-valve performance engines. Cummins ISF engines are more powerful, have reduced fuel consumption and maximum torque is higher than that of similar in-class trucks. Main components are supplied by qualified international companies with quality guaranteed. With Cummins’ electronically controlled cold start, ETX medium-duty flatbed trucks can be effortlessly started in temperatures of -40 ℃. Completely meets Euro-IV emissions standards.

CTX medium-duty flatbed trucks can alternatively be equipped with Cummins ISDe series 6.7-Liter 210 horsepower engines, which perform at a lower RPM with a high torque. ISDe series engines have quick acceleration and great climbing performance. The engine features an electronically controlled high-pressure fuel system with a single-cylinder four-valve system. Under high pressure, the cylinder diesel spray functions precisely thanks to its atomizer. As a result, full combustion of fuel is achieved. Emission levels are in line with the standards of Euro III to Euro IV. The vehicle can be started at temperature of -12℃ without external equipment.

LOVOL engines are based on advanced technology. With 135-230 horsepower, above-average torque and engine optimization technology, LOVOL engines are a leading choice. The cooling system features an efficient and reliable gear-driven cooling pump and an integrated dual thermostat to correctly regulate engine cylinder and engine cylinder head coolant flow. The truck can be started smoothly in cold temperatures.


  • Fuel Efficient

    Developed exclusively for local markets, ETX medium-duty flatbed truck engines are the result of actual feedback on requirements and working conditions of end users.

    Complete vehicle integrates Foton Daimler technology, in cooperation with Austrian AVL and long-term partnerships with renowned international suppliers.

    The characteristic outer curve of the engine reduces weight and increases fuel economy.

    The characteristic outer curve of the engine reduces weight and increases fuel economy.

    Engine feature a four-valve intake, an efficient Honeywell turbocharger and a 180 bar high-pressure fuel pump. The 180 bar high-pressure fuel pump, along with centrally-placed fuel injectors, result in excellent fuel atomization and higher fuel efficiency.

  • Lightweight

    Due to its special platform and modularized structure and usage of lightweight, high-strength materials, weight of ETX medium-duty flatbed trucks was greatly reduced. As a result, the ETX flatbed trucks achieve excellent fuel-economy, which is 5% to 8% better than that of traditional medium-duty flatbed trucks.

  • Safety

    Sealed cab effectively protects against rain, dust and noise. Sound insulation materials and its noise-reduction design allows for internal noise at idle within 60 dB, meeting international certification standards for noise limits. In addition, Cab meets European safety standards.

    Frame is made of a high-strength, single mold steel, double-jointed steel through machines from SOENEN and was developed in cooperation with CAE. Beams on the inside and outside are safe and reliable and cannot be easily deformed. Standard frame is 232 x 75 x 7, while the heavy-duty frame is 250 x 75 x (7 + 4).

    Dual master cylinder ensures safety, whereby if one brake line encounters a problem, the other brake line will continue to function. Braking ability has also been improved with wider, long-life brake shoes. In addition, the large power steering cylinder can meet the requirements of up to heavy-duty vehicles that work in mountainous areas and carry heavy-duty loads.


  • Reliable

    ETX medium-duty flatbed trucks are equipped with Cummins, Lovol or Wechai engines (160-290 horsepower), meeting the demands of various medium-duty flatbed truck working conditions.

    ETX flatbed trucks feature FAST-brand six-speed to nine-speed, Synchromesh twin countershaft transmissions. FAST-brand Syncromesh transmissions are small and lightweight with torque output ranging from 1800-2000 Nm. FAST-brand Syncromesh transmissions, with a simple design, have few parts that require maintenance.

    Japanese technology transmission with lightweight, compact structure and high torque reserve. ETX medium-duty flatbed trucks have a high load capacity.

  • Easily Modified

    Because the wheelbase comes in several options, ETX medium-duty flatbed trucks can be easily modified into tankers, garbage trucks, street cleaner trucks, tow trucks, crane trucks and other special purpose vehicles.

Exterior and interior

Body is aerodynamically designed with a low coefficient of drag and has passed wind tunnel tests, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

Cab is made of high-quality steel with a thickness of 1 mm. It has a 4-Corner air suspension and a crumple zone of 200 mm to absorb the impact of a collision, offering the driver and passenger maximum safety during a collision. The cab can be tilted by 59 degrees and features a ratcheted locking safety mechanism.

Side mirrors come integrated with convex lenses to remove blind spots and mirrors adhere to European standards.

Front grille is built according to European standards, is rugged enough to withstand harsh working conditions and has improved heat dissipation.

Lights are elegantly shaped and combined into a simple structure, while also meeting the latest European standards.

Sedan-inspired interior is both spacious and comfortable and features a wide, double bunk sleeper.

Wrap-around dash for an excellent driving experience.
ETX medium-duty flatbed trucks feature an ergonomic gear shifter, great for long-distance driving.

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