ETX dump trucks feature a classic powertrain and advanced technologies, which includes the world’s leading transmissions and engines. ETX dump trucks have proven to be extremely reliable. ETX dump trucks are recommended for mining projects or sediment transport operations.

ETX: Powered By Cummins
ETX: Powered By Weichai Engines



ETX dump trucks are equipped with Cummins ISMe series 11-Liter engines (308 hp-440 hp), which perform at a lower RPM with high torque. ISM engines operate smoothly and have great climbing performance.  Engines feature an electronically controlled, high-pressure fuel injection system in a single-cylinder, four-valve system. Under high-pressure, diesel fuel in the single-cylinder is precisely sprayed due to its high-performance atomizer. As a result, full fuel combustion is achieved. Engines also feature an electronically controlled silicon oil fan, which can further reduce fuel consumption by 2-3%. Completely meets Euro-III to Euro-IV emissions standards.


10-Liter to 12-Liter diesel engines (270-380 hp) are mature, tried-and-tested technology. ETX dump trucks handle well in various working conditions. Weichai WD series engines also perform at a lower RPM and with high torque, have quick acceleration and great climbing performance. Completely meets Euro-II emissions standards.

10-Liter to 12-Liter diesel engines. Engine displacement is greater than that of similar in-class products. Weichai engines, designed for long-distance dump truck working conditions, have a power output of 270-380 horsepower. Weichai engines feature high-pressure, electronically controlled fuel injection made specifically for large displacement engines. The engine structure is simplified and has fewer parts for lower maintenance costs. WP engines meet Euro-III or above emissions standards.

10-Liter to 12-Liter natural gas engines that feature turbo cold air intake and electronically controlled fuel injection. Maximum power output is 280-380 horsepower with a maximum torque of 1060-1500 Nm. Weichai WP series engines have quick acceleration and great climbing performance. Weichai WP series engines utilize the lean burn spark ignition technology, by which fuel is burned more thoroughly and efficiently. WP engines completely meet Euro-III emissions standards. Weichai engines are extremely reliable, even under harsh working conditions.


  • Powerful

    ETX dump trucks come equipped with 10-Liter to 12-Liter large displacement Cummins or Weichai engines, and engine displacement is larger than other in-class trucks. All ETX dump trucks meet the requirements of harsh off-highway dump truck working conditions, with power output ranging from 270-440 hp. ETX dump trucks feature FAST-brand twelve-speed, Synchromesh twin countershaft transmissions. FAST-brand Syncromesh transmissions are small and lightweight with torque output ranging from 1800-2000 Nm. FAST-brand Syncromesh transmissions, with a simple design, have few parts that require maintenance.


  • High Payload Capacity of Frame

    Frame is made of a high-strength, single mold steel alloy with a width of up to 865 mm. Beams on the inside and outside are 8 mm + 7 mm thick and cannot be easily deformed. ETX dump trucks have a higher load capacity than other similar in-class trucks.

  • Large Clearance

    Ground clearance is 320 mm high, 20mm higher than similar in-class trucks.
    High mounted front steel bumpers protect against unwieldy roads, even when under full load.

  • High Payload Capacity of Frame

    Double-reduction rear axle weighs 16 tons and the axle housing has been specifically designed for high load capacity. The brakes are safe and reliable. Additionally, the oil lubrication requires no maintenance.

  • High Payload Capacity of Suspension

    Suspension is strengthened with gusset plate to reduce frame flex.
    Double U-Bolts are used to support the higher load.
    Frame is strengthened with longer gusset plates and multiple layers of rivets, thus increasing the number of contact points with the subframe.

  • Mature Powertrain

    ETX dump trucks are equipped with a classic powertrain and advanced technologies. Vehicles feature powerful Weichai engines, high-torque FAST transmissions as well as ANKAI rear axles. ETX trucks have proven reliable on the market and are a favorite choice among customers.
    ETX dump trucks are high performance and have been proven reliable. The standard parts are easily replaceable, thus lowering maintenance costs.

  • Reliable Transmission

    FAST-brand transmissions are small, lightweight and come in nine-speed or twelve-speed. FAST-brand transmissions have a main-box and an auxiliary-box twin-countershaft structure.  FAST-brand transmissions are efficient and support high load capacity with low gear ratios; in addition, gears are fully synchronized, so getting into gear or shifting is simple.

Exterior and interior

The truck features a front grille based on European standards. The grille is modern and robust and can easily meet the various requirements of a mining area or construction site.

The lights come in a combined, simple structure and are elegantly shaped.  They match the latest European regulations. The best night driving conditions are guaranteed.

The rearview mirrors adhere to European standards. Additional lower sight glasses for a wider view are in place. Enhanced safety conditions are thus guaranteed.

The ETX features sedan interiors, a comfortable design, large traveling space, and a widened double-decker sleeper.

The truck is equipped with an all-around panel that brings you a more convenient and comfortable driving experience.

The shift handle is well designed and extremely convenient.


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