Aumark C 4T

Aumark C is Foton’s new high-tech light truck. It features the world’s leading powertrain, transmission system and additional advanced technologies produced by Foton. The Aumark C provides users with an efficient solution for transportation and logistics services.


High Performance

The Aumark C is equipped with a Cummins ISF2.8 or 3.8 engine. Based on the collaboration with the joint venture Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., Foton was able to bring to you this world-class, powerful engine. The engine was designed for light commercial vehicles. The result is an advanced four-cylinder lightweight diesel engine which is electronically controlled and features high-pressure, direct injection. The horsepower of the two engines is 107 and 168, respectively. The engine is very light and produces little noise. It matches the Euro III, and Euro IV emission standards and offers users an efficient and reliable engine with outstanding an fuel economy.

The Aumark C was produced by Foton and the global leader of automotive transmission and chassis technologies. The truck is equipped with a ZF transmission. The weight of this transmission is 40% lighter compared to similar products. Thanks to an optimized structure and layout, the fuel-economy is great and maintenance is made easy. Moreover, the Aumark C features high density, high strength gear steel as well as helical gears. As a result, the transmission efficiency is over 99% with low noise and a high reliability.


  • High-Quality Reinforced Steel Chassis

    The vehicle was constructed with new, special materials for a noticeable increase in durability. It employs the world’s leading suspension system for additional reliability.

  • Extreme temperatures

    Aumark C is meant to be driven in “three extreme” conditions: extremely cold temperatures (-40˚C), peak elevation (4767meters) and extremely hot temperatures (50˚C)

  • Safe, responsive steering

    The large volume power steering pump ensures steering responsiveness when turning under heavy loads and at high speeds. The power steering return hose’s thick diameter facilitates cooling, improves system stability and prolongs the service life of components and the system.

  • Proven tough vehicle body

    Excellent results were obtained from rigorous front collision tests and roof pressure tests, making this an extremely safe vehicle.


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