Foton signs powertrain cooperation agreement with Ricardo

Foton signs powertrain cooperation agreement with Ricardo
Published August 11, 2015


On June 19, 2015, in London, England, Foton signed a contract with Ricardo UK Ltd. (Ricardo) for in-depth cooperation in powertrain research and development.

Ricardo is one of the most renowned powertrain consultancies in the world, focused on powertrain development and applications, along with testing services and systems.

Foton and Ricardo’s technical cooperation actually dates back to 2013 with 1.4TGDI (small turbo + direct injection) and 1.2MPI engines. Both engines have already gone into mass production.

At this stage, Ricardo and Foton will cooperate on passenger vehicles – including powertrain products’ research, new technical research and engine design and development.

Due to its successful cooperation with Cummins in developing large displacement engines, Foton will begin partnering with Ricardo, another worldwide engine magnate, to develop in the small displacement engine market, as well as update Foton’s full series of engines.

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